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Managing a data center on-premise can be really demanding and expensive. Realize the value of focusing on your core competency and leaving the availability, scalability and security to support your applications to us.

Secure Locations. On-Demand Scalability.
Flexible Solutions.

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Enterprise cloud solutions benefits



Safe & Secure

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We offer a variety of virtual machine and bare metal server configurations to run your applications in for your cloud-native infrastructure strategy.

Virtual Machines | Bare Metal

Cloud Storage

From snapshots to virtual machine images, backups and archived files, our block and object storage is the secure place to store your files for easy retrieval.

Object Storage | Block Storage

Virtual Workstations

Powered by HP Anyware PCoIP technology (formerly Teradici CAS), our remote workstation experience provides GPU-based instances as responsive as working from the office. Ideal for intensive applications and workloads.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Desktops

Powered by Citrix vApps technology, our remote desktops help your IT force simplify the management of your workforce in this new work-from-anywhere era.

Virtual Machines

Network Services

We offer load-balancing and CDN services as well as private cloud environments matching the level of security and redundancy you require.

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Licensing & Add-Ons Services

From Microsoft licensing to backup and web application firewall, we offer a wide range of software and services for your cloud environment.

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Why choose Hypertec Cloud?

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Optimized for Performance

Complete Data Privacy

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Trusted hardware and software partners

Our cloud platform is powered by the leading brands and technologies of the industry providing you with the best cloud experience in the market. Hypertec Cloud is more than a provider, we’re a partner you can trust with your data privacy and compliance.

We have the right cloud solution for your workloads.