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Object Storage

Hypertec Cloud Object Storage

Object storage is the perfect place to store a large variety of content. Object storage can be used to store all types of files such as incremental backups, virtual machine snapshots and templates, logs, and much more.

What is object storage?

Object storage is a resilient, cost-effective cloud storage service. It acts like an online folder to store any type of content that is billed per usage (GB). Easily store your files and keep them safe and sound for as long as you need, in our secure regions.

How does it work?

Simply upload your files to our cloud infrastructure – we support both Swift and S3 interfaces. Build a structure and organize your files like you would normally do. Your files are always accessible, can be stored across multiple regions for additional redundancy and can be easily downloaded or deleted at any time.

Benefits of Hypertec Cloud object storage

No Hidden Fees

We don’t charge hidden fees for API calls or internal data transfers.


Files stored in our cloud are only accessible by you.


Can be used to store any type of data.


Easily upload and manage your files.

Why choose Hypertec Cloud?

Fully Automated

Optimized for Performance

Complete Data Privacy

We have the right storage solution for your workload.