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Block Storage

Hypertec Block Storage

Not all block storage is made equal. We offer an all-SSD block storage solution powered by 100% NVMe technology to provide the best performance available on the market. Our platform is able to handle the most IOPS-hungry workloads to ensure your application runs at peak performance.

What is block storage?

Block storage is a cloud-based storage service that creates the virtual equivalent of a hard drive,  for your operating system or data. Just like plugging in a USB drive into your computer, a block storage volume is persistent and can be attached and removed from your virtual machines. Block storage volumes can also be resized dynamically as your needs evolve.

How does it work?

When deploying a virtual machine, simply define the size of the storage associated with your virtual machine. Block storage is automatically configured, deployed and attached to your virtual machine. It is then ready to use.

Block Storage Diagram

Benefits of Hypertec Cloud block storage​


Our environment provides constant IOPS to your workloads


Block storage volumes are only visible to you.


Dynamically resize your storage if you need to grow, or shrink a volume.


Deployable via WebUI or API for quick access.

Why choose Hypertec Cloud?

Fully Automated

Optimized for Performance

Complete Data Privacy

We have the right storage solution for your workload.