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Bare Metal

Hypertec Cloud Bare Metal

When there is no place for compromise, our bare metal server offering ensures 100% of the server’s resources are dedicated to you and no one else. Automated just like our virtual machines, deploying a bare metal server is as easy as it gets.

What is bare metal?

Bare metal are dedicated servers provisioned with an automation layer to provide access to the system like a virtual machine but equipped with the operating system of your choice. It also includes root/administrator remote access to then deploy the applications you desire without any hypervisor overhead for 100% of the resources dedicated to your operating system and its applications.

How does it work?

Our bare metal servers are deployed just like our virtual machines. Our platform will offer a list of configurations available per datacenter region, provision the desired number of instances with the operating system of your choosing, and provide the credentials to connect remotely to each system.

Benefits of Hypertec Cloud bare metal servers


100% of the resources, 100% of the time.


Bare metal servers can only be assigned to a single customer at a time.


Supports a massive amount of workloads.


Unified management with all our other services for one seamless cloud experience.

Why choose Hypertec Cloud?

Fully Automated

Optimized for Performance

Complete Data Privacy

We have the right bare metal server for your workload.