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Hypertec Cloud

Performance-Optimized Cloud Infrastructure

Tailored To Your Workloads. Fully Connected.

Created for the latest demanding workloads, Hypertec Cloud offers a mix of cloud instances, bare metal servers, block storage, object storage and multiple other cloud services to help you run your infrastructure more efficiently at a balanced price point. 

Accelerate your workloads with fast, reliable, and tailored solutions

Multiple configurations for various workloads and price points in a secure cloud environment.

Fully automated dedicated servers that provide maximum performance and security.

All NVMe-based SSD high-performance storage.

Store individual files for archiving, backup, snapshots and much more.

Our approach


Performance-optimized for the most demanding workloads and applications.


Your trusted partner for a reliable, secure, and tailored cloud infrastructure.


The latest technologies and a continuous dedication to staying on top of trends and innovation.

Tailored solutions for your workloads

Cloud Computing

We deliver computing services including virtual machines, storage, and networking. We will help you optimize your costs to run your infrastructure more efficiently.

Private Infrastructure

When it simply cannot be secure enough, we offer private infrastructure options. Want dedicated compute hosts, networking or storage? We got you covered.

Bare Metal

When there is no place for compromise, our bare metal server offering ensures 100% of the server’s resources are dedicated to you and no one else. Automated just like our virtual machines, deploying a bare metal server is as easy as it gets.

Virtual Desktops

Powered by Citrix’s Xen vApps virtual desktop solution, provision new IT equipment to your workforce more quickly and efficiently. Switching to virtual desktops for your workforce will simplify your office IT management with just-in-time provisioning and more easily support employees in this new era of remote work.


Keep all your deployments in one interface. Seamlessly manage your cloud regions from several providers in a unified single-pane dashboard to deploy resources where you need it, when you need it.

Virtual Workstations

We’ve added virtual workstations to our cloud infrastructure portfolio to support hosting virtual graphics-oriented work environments in the cloud. Connect to a high-performance workstation or laptop that runs AutoDesk CAD + Maya, Foundry Nuke, Houdini, Pixar Renderman, Dassault Solidworks and much more.

We work with leading technology experts to deliver the best service for your unique workloads

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